Equipped together

The main goal of the FMS is to equip you as a family, so you can make a difference to people around you. This can be at your normal job, your neighbourhood or in mission/full time ministry. You will be equipped to meet the many challenges in daily in a way that glorifies God – your family representing God.

Targeted teaching

During the 12 weeks of lectures you will receive teaching on topics covering marriage, parenting, family dynamics, communication and  conflict resolution, family patterns and generational issues, families in ministry and family values. Last but not least, we want to equip you to reach out to other families around you, so your family can make a difference for others.

The FMS is a huge resource for all families who want to live in the awareness of healthy family life and how they can be light and salt in this world.


God has no grand children – only children. Both adults and children are important to us, and we want to set up a program that works for you whole family. Children age 2-5 years will have a childcare program, run in cooperation with the ‘Grimerud Kindergarten’. They follow a learning program developed through YWAM called «To know God». Children age 6 and older will join our Foundations program. Foundations is like a DTS for children, where they receive teaching in different topics like Fatherheart of God, the life of Jesus, prayer, evangelism, mission and so on. They will have their own sessions with worship, prayer, games and fun and local outreach. All children in schoolage must follow homeschooling under the responsibility of you as parents. Time for homework will be provided during the day.  

Througout the week we will have several gatherings for the whole family where we will enjoy family time, activities as well as family outreach. Children under the age of 2 can be with the parents during lecture if you don’t have a nanny with you. They will have their own space in the classroom with ‘low noise’ toys, so we can provide a good learning environment for everyone in the class. 


After the lecture phase you have the opportunity to put into pratice what you have learned. The optional outreach is a time where you can travel together with another family as a team to another country for 8 weeks, to minister and work with missionaries on the field. There you could be part of setting up family camps, do practical work, teach and disciple other families. A part of the outreach can also be helping out on one of the many family camps, here in Norway.

Want more information ?

The FMS is a part of the University of the Nations, and is a 2nd level school. Therefor it is a requirement that you have done a DTS before attending the FMS. If you have any questions related to that, we would love to talk with you! All lectures will be in English.

Dates: TBA (There will not be an FMS spring 24)

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