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Family Camps

Every summer, 300 families attend at least one of our family camps around Norway.

Most of us want marriage and family life to work well and be an oasis from the everyday. That’s a great objective, but how do we achieve this in a hectic life, with all its requirements and challenges that pull us in every direction?  Studies have shown that with some teaching, especially in communication, we can significant improve our marriages.

Family camps consist of five days of good, practical and down to earth teaching about life together as a couple and family. Teaching topics include: the foundation of marriage, forgiveness, male-female differences, communication, passion, raising children, healthy families and relationships with parents and in-laws…

Biblical foundations for healthy and good families are the core of our teaching.  Our camps have lessons tailored to different ages and interest. After each teaching block we split all the pairs into groups, while children continue in their activity. The groups will have the opportunity to process and talk about the lesson and experiences while fellowshipping with other couples. It is possible that couples can have separate discussions with group leaders if desired.

Teaching is done in the morning and evening, and holiday activities in the afternoons such as swimming, ball games, amusement park, hiking, canoeing, track, trails, excursions etc.,

Many families develop close friends for life through family camps they have been on. This unity provides great opportunity for families to create great memories and experiences for the holidays. Most camps start on Monday and end on Saturday.

Any questions feel free to contact us at the office.