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Familiy Ministry School 2018

Family Ministry School (FMS) 2018

It is a great pleasure to invite you and your family to FMS on Grimerud farm, springtime 2018. We have a dream! A dream to see families raised up, strengthened and equipped, with a fire in their hearts to share heart knowledge with friends and neighbours and with people far beyond this nation’s borders. We have a dream to see families in ministry! A dream to see families in missions! We know from experience that it is a challenge to go into missions with children. Children are often seen as a hindrance to going into missions or to being involved locally. However, our experience is that children are a God-given resource when we talk about opening people’s hearts for the Gospel! This will be our focus on the school. karen_oleThe world does not need more super-families who can fix everything; instead it needs families who are willing to live openly and honestly on a daily basis, near God and near each other! Families who set a new standard for practical family life! The rest is up to you. Join us and learn as we take new steps in the process of seeing families raised up, strengthened, taught, challenged and mobilized!

Karen and Ole Andersen, School leaders – FMS

Location: Grimerud Farm is the main center for Youth With A Mission, Norway. It is planted in the middle of Norway’s perhaps finest farmland, Stange in Hedmark. The place is very child friendly and has both fenced outdoor area for the children, lawns for various ball activities and other development, and views of the lake. Hamar is located 10 minutes from Grimerud and you can reach Lillehammer, Gjøvik and Elverum in under an hour’s drive. Grimerud has been significantly revamped and is now better equipped than ever before to accommodate families. Families will be accommodated in small units containing two rooms, with shower and toilet. In the Building there are shared living room and kitchen. All meals will be in the dining hall in the main Building.

About FMS-school in general: FMS-Norway 2018 is a school in the University of the Nations (UofN). UofN is part of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) which is an international and interdenominational missions movement. We gathered under the motto “to know God and to make him known.” University of the Nations offers more than 1,100 courses spread across 86 nations. You can choose from more than 200 studies. A completed lecture phase gives 12 credits towards a degree in UofN.

FMS-Norway 2018 is organized by the Family Focus. Family Focus has for 40 years organized family camps, day courses and seminars throughout Norway. We want to give families and couples the opportunity to make the most of their life together, through good and practical lessons and a personal encounter with the living God who cares!

Education / Training: Lecture phase:4. March – 1. June 2018 Optional outreach after lecture phase FMS consists of 12 weeks of lecture followed by an optional outreach. The outreach may be in Norway, Europe, or elsewhere in the world.

Topics of the lecture phase : • Biblical principles for family • marriage and child raising • Child development and needs • How to build good relationships in the family • Communication Skills • Basic counseling skills • Parenting • Introduction to family systems theory • Divorce and Remarriage • DISC personality tests • Cultural awareness • How to be a Family in mission.

Outreach phase: (optional) The outreach is an important part of the school. It involves putting into practice what we learn in the lecture phase. Teamwork, cultural experience and a taste mission are key words. We are eager to see families out in the mission as a whole. Not only the mother and father on a mission tour with kids in tow! We encourage you to ask God to show you where you want to go to practice. Our job then is to put you in touch with some of the missionaries we have in the area you want to go.

Required Education / Training: You must have completed the DTS or equivalent, with practice. Singles are welcome to apply.

Lecture phase price: (including study materials, food and lodging)

Adults: 27 000 NOK per adult

Children 8-14 years: 13.500 NOK

Children 3-7 years: 8.100 NOK

Children 0-2 years: 3.000 NOK

Price for outreach depends on the destination and length of outreach

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