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About Us

Welcome to Familiefokus! We are an organization that seeks to help families to work best together.

Familiefokus is Youth With a Mission (YWAM) family ministry and was started in 1976.  YWAM  is a missionary organization with a focus on the training of young people for missions.

In the years of experience working with youth who went on evangelism missions, it was clear that many had young people had problems related to sin in the home and family. Out of this realization came the vision to: “Preparing Tomorrow’s Generation for  Missions by Helping Families With God’s Principles for Relationships and Marriage.”

This vision includes helping families and individuals to a richer Christian life. Communicating God’s unconditional love and God’s principles of partnership. Challenging, equipping and mobilizing families and individuals for evangelism and missions. Helping to spread biblical family teaching to churches and organizations.

“New life, New Home” is our motto. This reflects our conviction that when individuals in a family gets an encounter with the living God, this has a great impact on the whole family. We encourage this through couples weekends, family camps, Family Team, Family adventures, and also regional work within Norway.

There are currently 14 active regions from north to south. Every two years we run a school for families called the Family Ministries School. The next school starts March 2014.

We also offer a pre-marriage counseling course called “Becoming One” with certified tutors in your local community. Since our inception in 1976, over 40,000 people have attended our events. The work has spread on to become an international work within YWAM (Youth With a Mission, YWAM). YWAM is among the largest mission organizations in the world. Norway is the country that operates the largest family work in YWAM. In Norway the main office at Grimerud farm outside Hamar.

We want to give couples and families inspiration to create good relationships, build family on a biblical foundation and create memories for life. Our goal is to support families to build healthy and good relationships in marriage and familie. Within our events you recieve teaching on the following; biblical basis for relationships and marriage, differences between men and women, children, parenting, passion, law, forgiveness, sex, communication …

Although you can get good help from attending our events, a great part of our vision is to see a movement of families to help other families – living in close relationships with each other through family groups and meeting throughout the year.

contact us if you have questions or comments, want seminars in your area or simply want to be of help! We wish you all the best!

Warm greetings,

National leaders of Family Focus

Anne-Helen & Trond Sæthren